Collection: Assessments Overview

When visiting the BioMolecular Regeneration and Rejuvenation Clinic in Craighall Park you will be assessed from various perspectives, before any treatment program is advised.

Although each therapy or treatment stands alone in its own right, it is valuable to consider how each aspect of health should be attended to in order to support the development of optimal health, in the quest for regeneration, rejuvenation or functional recovery, and towards health maintenance and preventative medicine. This forms the basis of cellular health.

Therefore, our integrative approach includes a thorough assessment of individual needs, depending on current issues and required outcomes. The patient is assessed from various different perspectives, using a holistic approach:

1. Assessment Scan
The GDV Bio-Well camera scan (an intensive forensic-style investigation into the functional energy state of your body) is the first assessment for all new patients. During this non-invasive scanning system you are provided with a bird's eye view into the different organs and systems of the body. Graphs, pictures and numerical values easily demonstrate the relative health status of your body, as well as the residual cellular energy available to self-heal and re-balance yourself.         
2. Medical Assessment
After you have a clear picture of your functional energy state, you proceed to a comprehensive medical consultation with one of our doctors - if required. During this consultation you are medically assessed relative to your personal needs, provided with the necessary test forms or kits, or referred on for further tests or exploration. Our doctor will explain treatment options to you, and will discuss probable outcomes and risk factors, if any. Your treatment prescription, medications or supplements are established at this consultation.

A treatment plan is formulated and presented to you for any comments, concerns or questions. Once completely satisfied with the details of the planned treatment, the various procedures commence.


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