Collection: Q-Micro Innovations

Welcome to the extraordinary results of everyday, essential products.

Formulated to provide targeted relief to real challenges, this range of products provides unique information about how to nourish your genes. If you have had your DNA tested and need to know if you are taking the correct supportive supplements, simply read the details provided per product and look for the relevant genetic SNP listed in your test results.


  • Sleep - enjoy a deeply restful and stress-free sleep, for the whole family
  • Craving Assist - effective no-discipline-needed for those pesky cravings
  • Lipo-Active Rapid Relief - effective relief for inflammation, aches and pains
  • LipoActive Glutathione - improved bioavailability, and well-priced
  • Pure Magnesium Chelate - feel the difference with this advanced formula
  • Complete Gluco-Support - for insulin resistance, cravings and glucose metabolism
  • Pure Butyrate - superlative support for inflammatory bowel conditions