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Biomolecular Wellness

Q-Microceuticals | DETOX DUO: Cleanse 10ml + Relief 30ml

Q-Microceuticals | DETOX DUO: Cleanse 10ml + Relief 30ml

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Innovative Technology from Q-Microceuticals

An effective alternative to Advanced TRS (currently out of stock), with added benefits.

Suggested use: 1x DROP Cleanse daily and 1-4 SPRAYS of Relief daily. Increase Cleanse dose slowly, drop by drop, as detoxification symptoms are well tolerated. Reduce dose for a few days if uncomfortable and resume at the lower dose. Take additional Magnesium daily during times of detox to support the process.


CLEANSE: Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle) extract, Ethanol 5% (Alcohol), Glycerine 2%, Micronised* C60 (Carbon, Fullerenes) infused purified water. *Proprietary B11-Micro technology.

RELIEF: Boswellia serrata (Frankincense) resin extract, Ethanol 5% (Alcohol), Glycerine 2%, Micronised* mineral (Fe) infused purified water. *Proprietary B11 Micro-technology.


CLEANSE: Micronised Mineral Infusion with C60 & Milk Thistle to support a 6-week Detox.

RELIEF: Micronised Mineral Infusion with Boswellia that may assist body & joint pain & cell membrane health.

> 2-product Detox + Inflammation Management system for best results.

> Effective detoxification with innovative Cleanse at a low dose.

> Minimal Detox reactions using Relief to help manage the inflammation caused by detoxification processes.

Please contact me on 082 455 2273 or email for additional information if needed.

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