Collection: Important Lifestyle SNP: CYP1A1 & CYP1A2

Genetic SNPs (mutations) are tested by your medical practitioner or CLICK HERE to buy your test, once you know your results you may choose from the following supportive nutritional supplements or BOOK a functional medicine coaching session or BOOK a functional medicine medical consultation for further clarity.


Please ensure you consult with your medical practitioner if you're suffering from any diagnosed or unknown medical condition - DO NOT SELF-TREAT.


The CYP1A1 gene helps in elimination of environmental toxins (mainly inhaled toxins) as well as excess Oestrogen. If mutated, you are at an increased risk of developing cancer, COPD & psoriasis. 
Avoid carcinogens. Add cruciferous & red fruits/veggies to diet.


The CYP1A2 gene is a slow metabolizer of caffeine, sleep hormones & aflotoxins. If mutated, you may experience a heightened sensitivity to caffeine, and you are at an increased risk of developing cancer, insomnia & brain disease.
Add cruciferous vegetables (E.g. Broccoli) to diet. Avoid high-doses of Curcumin. Limit caffeine & grapefruit intake.


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